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Hello! I am Janice, a locally born Chinese Singaporean with a passion for travelling. I am a budding tourist guide, but I have been in the travel industry for 13 years. It has been 13 years as I have been travelling around the world since I was 18! I love to interact with people from different culture and upbringing. Meeting people from different background and thinking always opens my mind. As such, I started a backpacker’s hostel, and now I’m a tourist guide! Singapore is the perfect destination for a holiday. We are a multi-racial society that lives beside and among each other. It is convenient to travel; all the attractions are easily accessible via the MRT or bus network. The primary language is English and travellers should have no problem getting around and communicating. Our country is often known as a FINE city, where you might have to pay a fine if you break a small rule such as jaywalking or chewing gum. It is this same reason that makes our country a very safe place to live. With all that said, it might seem like you do not need me when you travel to Singapore. That’s where you are mistaken! I will be able to provide interesting facts and information about each attraction, share stories about life growing up in Singapore and how the country has developed over the years. I will be able to provide insider tips and know-how on the best way to truly experience my country. I can offer advice on the best value at each destination as well as insights into life in Singapore as a local. I can customize the tour to the way you like. Take a look at the various popular tours I conduct under the tours section. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to meeting you and showing you my beautiful country! Contact me using the messenger below and I am ready to bring you around Singapore!





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