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Hi Ladies and Gentlemen Thank you so much for your interest in my profile. My full name is Palakorn Limsatitpong, and my nick name is Noom. Please call me Noom because it means "Young man" :D I was born and now live in Bangkok, Thailand. If you want to know more about me, please see my traveler's review on my service : My review of your services: No suggestions. just gratitude and appreciation for Noom. his professionalism, attentiveness, knowledge, punctuality and flexibility are at the highest level. even more so are his human qualities: kindness, empathy, patience, curiousity, dignity. he showed himself to be of truest and upright character. we arrived late-he didnt complain, we were tired-he showed mercy, we changed the schedule-he helped, we asked-he answered. being an experienced global traveler and a researcher of human nature in general i am impressed and full of respect for Noom. thank you very much and carry on!! Palakorn Limsatitpong (Noom)





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