About Us

What We Do

TravelBuddee is a travel marketplace for peer to peer local guides (Buddees) & tour services in Asia.

We are a leading platform for unique travel experience and competent Buddees. We track down, get to know each Buddee and ensure that they are well qualified and experience to conduct unique tours in Asia. Buddees work under a dynamic arrangement that allows them to offer hourly guiding services as well as localise tours to travellers. 

Our Mission

As more travellers are becoming Free, Independent Travellers (FITravellers), they grow savvier and look for a more enriching travel experience and services online. Our quest is to meet the needs of these travellers by offering customised and localised tours through the expertise of our Buddees (locals who serve as tour guides). No one knows a country better than the locals do.

It is also our wish to help local Buddees move their business operations to the next level. We have created a system that allows Buddees to take their brick and mortar business into the online world. We serve as a bridge between travellers and Buddees, reducing Buddees' reliance on dealing with other forms of travel intermediaries.

Our Story

We are a team of avid travellers! We take travelling as part of our commitment to touch the world and shape our lives.

There is an invigorating feeling that comes with discovering and exploring new places; this is all thanks to the Buddees (local tour guides). The passion to reach for more continue to grow in our hearts; we want to know what the locals know, and this is beyond what packaged tours that travel agents offer. We decide to give every traveller the opportunity to feel the pulse of this exquisite travel.

We spoke to the Buddees and realised that they have limited resources and opportunities to improve and develop their business skills. A limited amount of the cost of the tours ultimately reaches them.  We envision a chance to help the Buddees upgrade their business to the next level.

With TravelBuddee, every traveller can choose how they want their tours to be, or leave it to the expertise of the local Buddees. They can take advantage of our flexible system dedicated to befit their travel plans. Buddees can interact and transact with the travellers directly. By using TravelBuddee, a bigger cut of the cost of the tour will go to the Buddee directly for the work they do, thus improving their daily lives.

The Team

My biggest worry is being kept in my comfort zone, where I miss out on the magic in life. As an entrepreneur and a young tourist guide; I’ve been in various tourism businesses including a backpacker’s hostel. My many journeys allowed me to interact with locals and broaden my horizon and perspective in life.

It is my desire to connect travellers with experienced local guides whom can make travellers feel the local flavours of various destinations. Also, I hope to share the opportunity to value-add, upgrade and improve the local guide’s businesses. Thus came the conception of TravelBuddee.

Janice, Founder, BD

Every problem is a pointer to a solution that is hidden somewhere within. As an engineer, I see the world differently and I am always thinking about how technology can improve our lives. It gives me great fulfilment when people benefit from what I do. In my professional space, I have worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years and I have developed numerous projects.

Ryan, Co-Founder, CTO

The Beginning of TravelBuddee