Cancellation Policy

Opening Special! 

Take advantage of our seven-day 100% money back guarantee for all bookings.

Travellers can cancel their bookings within 7 days from making your booking for no cancellation charge, and no questions asked!    

There is strictly no cancellation or amendment allowed to be made by Buddee. Only travellers are allowed to cancel their booking.

Any cancellation by Travellers must be initiated by email to We will acknowledge your cancellation by email. Please also contact your Buddee to inform of the cancellation. The Company is not responsible  for any incidental expenses Users may incur as a result of the purchase of Services on the Website.

Please contact the Company if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

Standard Cancellation Policy

All Users should adhere to our cancellation policy asf:-

A 20% cancellation fee is applicable to all bookings. 

1. For cancellation more than >30 days in advance

We will refund 80% of the booking price for cancellation requests that reach our email more than 30 days before the first day of the tour/guiding services. The refunded amount is less of any banking fees and the difference in fluctuation of currency exchange rate.

2. For cancellation less than <30 days in advance

For cancellation requests that reach our email less than 30 days before the first day of the Tour/guiding services, we will endeavour to recover the amount from Buddee on your behalf. The amount recoverable is subjected to (including but not limited to):

•         any upfront cost incurred by Buddee

•         any non-recoverable tour expenses paid

•         any banking fees incurred to execute the refund

•         TravelBuddee Fee

Updated: 1st February 2017