FAQ For Buddees


Q:    What is TravelBuddee?

A:     TravelBuddee is a travel marketplace for peer to peer local guides (Buddees) & tour services in Asia. Buddees can sell their hourly tour guiding services as well as popular, standard tours on TravelBuddee.

Q:     What services can I sell on TravelBuddee?

A:     Buddees can sell their hourly tour guiding services and their standard tours as:

  1. Buddees i.e. tour guides who offer hourly tour guiding services and/or
  2. Tours i.e. popular, standard, local tours that are conducted by Buddees.

Q:    How do I use TravelBuddee?

A:    Refer to how to use TravelBuddee for more information.


Q:    What qualifications and certifications do I need to be a Professional Buddee? 

A:    To be a professional Buddee, you need to hold a valid tour guide license from the country in which you operate. Also, we also request for your valid IDs and other forms of verification.

Q:    I do not have a valid license, can I still be a Buddee?

A:    Yes, you can! You will be listed as an amateur Buddee on our site. You will also be required to provide valid IDs and other forms of verification before we accept you.

Q:    I meet the requirements to be a Buddee. What should I do next?
    Sign up for an account with us. Log in via Facebook option is not available for Buddee account. Fill up your Buddee profile and add tours to our site. Your account manager will review your details. We will contact you via Skype for an interview (if we deem required) within three working days to activate your profile and tours.

Q:    What should I know about the interview?

A:    The interview will be casual, it is for us to get to know you better! We will ask questions regarding your experience as a tour guide. The interviews will be conducted on Skype. Please download Skype here.

Q:    What are the obligations of a Buddee?

A:    To be listed on TravelBuddee, Buddees are expected, but not limited to:

  1. Agree to and accepted the Buddee Agreement Guidelines.
  2. Reply travellers messages within 24 hours.
  3. Reserve the agreed dates of service for 48 working hours for Travellers to make payment.
  4. Only use our messaging system to contact travellers.
  5. Deliver tours as discussed and as written in the tour description.


Q:    What should I do after I create a Buddee account?

A:    Update your Buddee profile. It is at "My Account" and consist of 3 easy steps.

  1. Basic Information - where you enter your contact information and basic details.
  2. Guiding Information - where you write about yourself, experience and guiding rates.
  3. Verification - where you upload your verification photos and social profile.

Q:    What can I write under "About" at the Guiding Information? 

A:    Your Buddee profile and "About" under guiding information is the most important section to promote your hourly tour guiding services. Take a look at some ideas to come up with an interesting profile to sell your services better.



Q:    How do I add Tours?

A:    Adding Tours function is found under Tours, Add Tours. You can create as many 1-day tours as you want. Tours are more popular and sell better among travellers. The description is the synopsis of the tour. It is the short description, and the first thing travellers see on the Tours caption. Write the things that are included and what are the highlights of the tour. You can also add additional services for travellers to top up. Upload more pictures of your tours to sell your tours better!

Q:    What should I enter for Instant Book?

A:    We are working on the instant book function and will update you when it is ready. Do select no instant book for now.

Q:    What should I select for where would you like to show this tour?

A:    Your tours will be publicly listed and available for search in the respective country if you choose to include in both listing and search. We recommend that you do that to get more bookings! However if you do not want your tours to be copied, you can select do not include in listing and search.  

Q:    I cannot find the country/city where I am guiding. What do I do?

A:    If the country/city is not available, do write to us at questions@travelbuddee.com and we will add in accordingly.


Q:    How do I price the Tour Guiding Services I am selling?

A:    Tour guiding services are priced per hour basis; you can limit the number of travellers that is allowed in the group per hour.

Q:    How do I price the Tours I am selling?

A:    You can sell your tours by their types:

  1. Allow booking by tours: Tours are sold per tour basis. You can decide up to how many travellers are allowed on the tour and how much is the whole tour. You can limit the number of pax you want to sell by input a maximum pax. 
  2. Allow booking by Pax: Tours are sold per person basis. This shows how much the tour is for one person. You can limit the number of pax you want to sell by input a maximum pax.   

Q:    What currency can I use to price my tour guiding services and tours?

A:    All tour guiding services and tours are to be created in USD. We are working to accept more currencies shortly! Feedback to us at questions@travelbuddee.com for your local currency to be added in the near future.

Q:    How do I appear on the top of TravelBuddee homepage and search page? How do I become the top of TravelBuddee Picks?

A:    Enquire at questions@travelbuddee.com and we will explain to you.


Q:    How do Buddee contact travellers?

A:    Travellers will contact Buddees via our instant messaging system should they be interested in your services. Do reply the travellers within 24 hours. Results show that prompt reply will increase your booking chances.

Q:    How do I know when I receive a message?

A:    Buddee will receive an email from us when travellers send a message via our instant messaging system. You will also receive a notification badge at the globe when you log into your account to inform you that you have received a message. Access your messages via at the top right corner, Account name - Home -

Q:    How do I know that traveller has read my message?

A:    The blue tick indicates that traveller has read your messages.

Q:    I did not receive any messages from travellers after they read the message, what can I do?

A:    There may be instances of lag in network connection and messages do not appear instantly. Please press "enter" to check if you receive any messages.  

Q:    Why should I use the messaging system? Can I give my contact details to Travellers?

A:    Our instant messaging system is easy to use and is regulated by us for your safety, privacy and convenience. Communication between travellers and Buddee should be done via our messaging system, and we ask that you do not contact travellers off our website. We will be able to anticipate potential problems and resolve disputes. Buddees will be banned from our site if there are reasons to believe that they take the business off the website.


Q:    I spoke to Traveller, and we have agreed on the Tour/Tour Guiding Services dates and details. What should I do next?

A:     You are required to reserve your tours/guiding services for Traveller for 48 hours. Travellers will make a payment within the 48 hours. If you do not receive an email regarding a booking made, please contact Traveller and us again to confirm if payment has been made.

Q:    How do I know a booking is made?

A:    TravelBuddee will send an email to you when a booking is made. Once Buddee receives an email, the booking is confirmed. The bookings can also be found at the top right corner, under Home - Bookings - Tour Bookings or Your Bookings. Buddees will have to perform his obligations according to the bookings made. 

Q:     What is the Calendar function?

A:    The Calendar can be accessed at the top right corner, under Home - Calendar. For your easy reference, all bookings will be recorded on the Calendar for your records.

Q:    I am unable to perform the services according to the bookings made by Traveller. What should I do?

A:    If you are unable to perform a booking, do inform TravelBuddee at questions@travelbuddee.com once you receive a booking confirmation email. TravelBuddee will only accept, on a case by case basis, non-performance by Buddee if traveller did not contact Buddee before making a booking.


Q:    How much does TravelBuddee charge?     

A:    You use our services free of charge! We take a percentage of the booking as TravelBuddee fee when a booking is made. The fees go to the IT development, maintenance, user support, marketing and for all the work we do for you.

Q:    What is the cancellation policy Buddees have to follow?

A:    There is strictly no cancellation or amendment allowed to be made by Buddee. Only travellers are allowed to cancel their booking. Cancellations can only be made more than 30 days before the first day of the tour/guiding services.    

For cancellation done less than 30 days after the start of the tour, Buddee should endeavour to refund customer less of:

  1. any upfront cost incurred by Buddee
  2. any non-recoverable tour expenses paid

Any request by the Buddee due to unforeseen circumstances should be made known to us immediately at questions@travelbuddee.com. We will assess the situation at the sole discretion of the Company. 

Q:    How do Buddees get paid?

A:    We pay Buddees via PayPal in USD. We will release payment, less of any banking fees, PayPal charges or other remittance/bank charges, currency exchange rates and fluctuation. If you would like to get paid via alternative methods, please write to questions@travelbuddee.com and we will evaluate the option.

Q:    When do Buddees get paid?

A:    Payment to Buddees will be made 30 days before the first day of the tour/guiding services if the transaction occurs more than 30 days before the start of the Tour. If the transaction occurs less than 30 days before the start of the tour, we will effect payment seven working days after the transaction date or when TravelBuddee sight funds in the bank (whichever later).   



Q:    How do I know the person I meet is the person that booked me?

A:    Request for the confirmation slip from the traveller and verify their details accordingly.

Q:    What else do I need to do?

A:    Show up, be on your best attitude and have a great time with traveller!



Q:    How do I get reviews for my guiding services and tours?

A:    Ask your friends, family, customers, colleagues to write a review for you! All they have to do is to create a traveller account, and they are free to write reviews for your guiding services and tours. The more reviews you have, the better your services will sell! 

Q:    I have some feedback about TravelBuddee. What can I do?

A:    Do leave a review for us on our facebook page and google review!



Q:    How do I delete my tours and/or Buddee account?

A:    Write to us at questions@travelbuddee.com and we will assist you in deleting your tours/account.

Q:    I am unable to find my question in the FAQ. What can I do?

A:     Write to us at questions@travelbuddee.com and we will attend to your questions. We also welcome all feedbacks and suggestions!

Updated: 1st October 2016