FAQ For Travellers


Q:    What is TravelBuddee?

A:    TravelBuddee is a travel marketplace for peer to peer local guides (Buddees) & tour services in Asia. We track down and interview Buddees, ensuring that they are qualified and experienced to conduct unique and popular tours in Asia.  

Q:    What are the services listed on TravelBuddee?

A:    Travellers can search, arrange and book:

  1. Buddees i.e. tour guides who offer hourly tour guiding services and/or
  2. Tours i.e. popular, ready, local tours that are conducted by Buddees.

Q: How do I use TravelBuddee?

A: Refer to how to use TravelBuddee for more information.


Q:    Who are the Professional Buddees and who are the Amateur Buddees?  

A:    Professional Buddees are the local guides who hold a valid tour guide license issued by the country in which they operate. Amateur Buddees are like your friends from overseas. They know localize, off-beaten track activities and spots that only locals know.

Q:    Are Buddees reliable?    
    To ensure the quality and standard of our Buddees, we requested for their valid IDs and other forms of verification. For your peace of mind, we also conduct interviews to get to know them better before listing on our site.


Q:    Who determine the prices on TravelBuddee?

A:    Buddees, who work as independent vendors from TravelBuddee, determine all prices that you see on our site. TravelBuddee research to ensure that the rates are competitive for their respective country.

Q:    How is the tour guiding services priced?

A:    The tour guiding services services listed on TravelBuddee are priced as:

  1. Hourly guiding rate. Tour guiding services are priced per hour basis; Buddees limit the number of travellers that is allowed in the group per hour.

Q:    How are the tours services priced?

A:    Tours are priced in two ways for your convenience:

  1. By Per Tour: Tours are sold per tour basis. Buddees decide the maximum number of travellers are allowed on the tour and how much is the whole group. These tours are usually sold as private tours which are perfect for travellers in your group.
  2. By Per Pax: Tours are sold per person basis. This shows how much the tour is for one person. The tours are usually non-private, you may be joined with other travellers.  


Q:    I am interested to book a Tour/Buddee. What should I do next?

A:    Do contact the Buddee directly first before booking to check reserve their services on the dates you are interested in. Always check with Buddees their availability on the dates to avoid disappointment. Buddees can also customise tours for you via the messaging system, and you can book them on an hourly basis.

Q:    How do I contact Buddees?

A:    Travellers can contact Buddees via our instant messaging system should they be interested in the services. Simply Sign up for a traveller account here with TravelBuddee to use the instant messaging system and start planning your perfect holiday!

Q:    Where can I find the instant messaging system?

A:    The instant messaging system is found at the bottom right corner of the Tour or Buddee page. It can also be found at the top right corner, under Account name - Home - Messages. 

Q:    Buddee has not reply my message, what do I do?

A:    We will send Buddee a notification to inform them of the message. However, due to time differences and on-going schedule (some of them may be guiding), our Buddees endeavours to reply you within 24 hours. Do be patient!

Q:    How do I know that Buddee has read my message?

A:    The blue tick indicates that Buddee has read your messages.

Q:    I did not receive messages from Buddee in the messenger, what can I do?

A:    There may be instances of lag in network connection and messages do not appear instantly. Please press "enter" to check if you receive any messages. Use the messenger under  under Account name - Home - Messages instead of the pop up messenger as it is more stable. 

Q:    How do I know when I receive a message?

A:    We will send an email to you when Buddees reply your message. You will also receive a notification badge at the globe when you log into your account to inform you that you have received a message.

Q:    Why should I use the messaging system? Can I give my contact details to Travellers?

A:    Our instant messaging system is easy to use and is regulated by us for your safety, privacy and convenience. Communication between travellers and Buddee should be done via our messaging system, and we ask that you do not contact travellers off our website. We will be able to anticipate potential problems and resolve disputes.

Q:    How do I contact Buddee after booking?

A:    You will find Buddee’s contact details on the confirmation slip after booking. For non-urgent matters, please use our messaging system and Buddee will reply you. On the tour day, feel free to call your Buddee to arrange for meet up.


Q:    I spoke to Buddee, and we have agreed on the Tours/Tour Guiding Services dates and details. When should I pay?

A:    You should pay immediately after you have agreed on the dates and discussion of your travel plans. Buddees will reserve their Tours/Tour Guiding Services for 48 hours for you to make payment. Please pay within 48 hours to avoid disappointment.

Q:    I am unable to increase the quantity  of the services i want to make. Why? 

A:    You are unable to increase the quantity because Buddee has set a limit to the maximum number he is willing to sell. If you would like to buy more, please discuss with the relevant Buddee.     

Q:    How do I know a booking is made?

A:    You will be directed to the receipt page with your booking details. It can also be found at the top right corner, under Home - Bookings - Tour Bookings or Buddee Bookings. In addition, TravelBuddee will send an email to you to confirm your booking.

Q:    I have made a booking, but Buddee is not available on the required date. What can I do?

A:    Do contact Buddee via our instant messaging system to arrange with Buddee first before booking. In the very unlikely event that Buddee is not available on your booking date; TravelBuddee will arrange an alternative Buddee to guide you per your booking. You can also choose to reschedule your tour or get a credit voucher for an alternative tour.

Q:    What is the Calendar function?

A:    The Calendar can be accessed at the top right corner, under Home - Calendar. For your easy reference, all bookings will be recorded on the Calendar for your records.



Q:    How much does TravelBuddee charge?        

A:    You use our services free of charge! We take a fee from the Buddee for all the work we do for them.

Q:    What currencies can I use to pay on TravelBuddee?

A:    We accept payment in USD, SGD, JPY, HKD and THB currently. We are working to accept more currencies shortly! Feedback to us at questions@travelbuddee.com for your local currency to be added in the near future.

Q:    What are the payment methods available?

A:    Your payment is secured via Stripe and PayPal. We accept payment via Visa and Mastercard. 

Q:    Why is the booking amount different from my credit card statement?

A:    There is fluctuation in currency exchange rates as determined by your local bank as well as possible banking fees from your bank. If you believe there has been an error in the billed amount for your booking, please contact us at questions@travelbuddee.com.


Q:    Can I cancel a booking made?

A:    A cancellation fee of 20% (less of any banking fees, PayPal charges) is chargeable for any cancellation. All request for cancellation must be sent via email to questions@travelbuddee.com and is subjected to our cancellation policy

Q:    What is the cancellation policy?

A:    For our opening special, we offer a seven-day 100% money back guarantee for all bookings. Travellers can cancel their bookings within 7 days from making your bookings for no cancellation charge and no questions asked! 

All bookings are subject to the following cancellation policy. A 20% cancellation fee is applicable to all bookings with the following conditions:-

1. More than >30 days

We will refund 80% of the booking price for cancellation requests that reach our email more than 30 days before the first day of the Tour/guiding services. The refunded amount is less of any banking fees and the difference in fluctuation of currency exchange rate.

2. Less than <30 days

For cancellation requests that reach our email less than 30 days before the first day of the Tour/guiding services, we will endeavour to recover the amount from Buddee on your behalf. The amount recoverable is subjected to (including but not limited to):

    •         any non-recoverable tour expenses paid

    •         any banking fees incurred to execute the refund

    •         TravelBuddee Fee

    •         any upfront cost incurred by Buddee

    Q:    Can I amend a booking made?

    A:    Amendments to itinerary, dates and other details of the tour/tour guiding services are subjected to an agreement between Buddee and yourself. Do email us at questions@travelbuddee.com to inform of the amendments. Cancellation policy will apply to any amendments made.

    Q:    What if Buddee cancels the booking?

    A:    In a very unlikely event that your Buddee cancels the booking, do inform us at questions@travelbuddee.com. We will also endeavour to arrange an alternative Buddee for you. We will assess the situation and re-evaluate the Buddee. You can also review the Buddee accordingly and choose to reschedule your tour or get a credit voucher for an alternative tour.



    Q:    What do I do on the day of the tour?

    A:    You will be able to find the necessary contact details on the confirmation slip. Print it out and present to your Buddee at the agreed meeting place on the day of the tour.

    Q:    What should I do if I am at the meeting point, and the Buddee does not show up?

    A:    Contact your Buddee at his contact number (found on confirmation slip). If you are unable to reach him, contact us at via our website messenger. In the very unlikely event of a no-show, we will do our best to find an alternative Buddee for you. If we are unable to do so, we will assess the situation and issue a partial refund depending upon the amount expended by Buddee to prepare for your tour (e.g. hotel cost, transport cost, etc.) and whether you will still be able to receive the services after the no-show and the amount we are able to recover from the Buddee. You can then review your Buddee accordingly, and we will also re-evaluate the Buddee.

    Q:    Do I need to tip my Buddee on tour day?

    A:    Tipping is not compulsory unless stated in the tour description. However, if you value their services, tipping is more than welcome!


    Q:    I have some feedback about my Buddee. What can I do?

    A:    Do leave a review for your Buddee after your trip!

    Q:    I have some feedback about TravelBuddee. What can I do?

    A:    Do leave a review for us on our facebook page and google review!


    Q:    I am unable to find my question in the FAQ. What can I do?

    A:    Write to us at questions@travelbuddee.com and we will attend to your questions. We also welcome all feedbacks and suggestions!


    Updated: 1st October 2016